Ready to Burn Suppliers

Small retail bags of firewood logs often contain wet wood – this means they are not suitable for burning without further seasoning. Look out for retail bags of wood-fuel clearly labelled as “Ready to Burn” by a Woodsure Certified Supplier. This helps consumers to distinguish wood that is “Ready to Burn” from wet wood which needs to be seasoned to the appropriate moisture content.

The Ready to Burn firewood our suppliers produce has been tested to prove it has a moisture content less or equal to 20%.

Ready to Burn Suppliers Search

An interactive postcode search for Ready to Burn suppliers is available on the Woodsure website. Click here to search.

Here is a list of current suppliers signed up on the Ready to Burn initiative.



Elcombe Firewood LtdElcombe Firewood Ltd – ID No. WS042
tel: 01453 700211

Woodgate Sawmills LtdWoodgate Sawmills Ltd – ID No. WS048
tel: 01594 832386


Scamans Ltd t/a GC LogsScamans Ltd t/a GC Logs – ID No. WS215
tel: 07789 487698


Strathnairn FirewoodStrathnairn Firewood – ID No. WS121
tel: 01808 521369


gwr ltd logoGWR Ltd – ID No. WS179
tel: 01939 234880

the clun log company logoThe Clun Log Company – ID No. WS177
tel: 01588 640910


Ashtrees logoAshtrees Ltd – ID No. WS189
tel: 0113 218 8411

Goodechip LogoGoodechip t/a MJ & RM Dickson – ID No. WS106
tel: 01845 597656

lindrick logs company logoLindrick Logs – ID No. WS141
tel: 01952 770936



Big K logoBig K Products UK Ltd – ID No. WS222
tel: 01366 501485

Blazers Fuels LtdBlazers Fuels Ltd – ID No. WS044
tel: 01824 708928

BSW Energy LtdBSW Energy Ltd – ID No. WS191
tel: 01896 849255

Certainly WoodCertainly Wood – ID No. WS040
tel: 01981 251796

CPL DistributionCPL Distribution – ID No. WS172
tel: 01246 277001

Dalby FirewoodDalby Firewood – ID No. WS126
tel: 01653 668177

DJ Davies Fuels Ltd – ID No. WS210DJ Davies Fuels Ltd
tel: 01269 850224

Fuelsell Multifuel SuppliersFuelsell Multifuel Suppliers – ID No. WS158
tel: 01508 548278

Fuel Express LogoFuelsell Express – ID No. WS216
tel: 01608 677940

Herts Woodfuel (Horticman Ltd)Herts Woodfuel (Horticman Ltd) – ID No. WS089
tel: 07840 826268

Logalog – ID No. WS015Logalog
tel: 01952 770936

Logs DirectLogs Direct – ID No. WS092
tel: 01524 812476

RNG Trading - Logs 2 Your DoorRNG Trading (logs 2 your door) – ID No. WS065
tel: 01746 785606

Walkers LogsWalkers Logs – ID No. WS135
tel: 01285 720940

White Horse Bedding t/a White Hose EnergyWhite Horse Bedding t/a White Horse Energy – ID No. WS207
tel: 01285 402004

Phone: 01684 278188
Woodsure, Severn House, Unit 5, Newtown Trading Estate
Green Lane, Tewkesbury GL20 8HD