Manufactured Solid Fuels

Fuels that can be authorised

To be authorised for use in UK smoke control areas, fuel must:

  • have an average smoke emission of less than 5 grams per hour when tested to the standard (BS3841)
  • contain less than 2% sulphur (by dry weight with a 95% confidence limit)

You do not need to apply for authorisation if the fuel is already on the list of authorised fuels.

Unauthorised fuels can be used in some exempt appliances, for example some stoves, fireplaces and boilers.

Manufactured solid fuels

How to apply

Contact HETAS with the following details about your fuel:

  • what it’s made of
  • how it’s manufactured
  • any testing that’s already been carried out

HETAS will give you feedback about your application and what testing is needed. You may need further testing even if some has already been done.

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