Retailer Storage Guidance

Retailer Storage Guidance

Outdoor Storage

Fire wood is often kept outside to allow it to naturally season, so it may seem natural to store bags of fire wood open to the elements. But when handled incorrectly, even polythene bags can rip and tear. Fire wood stored in poor conditions will re-absorb moisture and deteriorate; eventually the logs may start decomposing.

Bags should be protected
from direct rain

outdoor storage - protect from direct rain

Ensure fire wood is kept off the ground,
possibly stored on a pallet.

outdoor storage - keep off the ground

Allow air to circulate.
A pallet will let air flow beneath it.

Outdoor storage - allow air to circulate

Bags don’t need to be closely covered as
this can lead to sweating.

Outdoor storage - do not closely cover logs

Do not store fire wood
on moist ground.

Outdoor storage - do not leave on wet ground

Do not store bags of fire wood
open to the elements.

Outdoor storage - do not store bags of fire wood open to the elements

Indoor Storage

Woodsure Ready to Burn logs are already low in moisture, & more readily catch alight. Placing logs or other combustible material too near to heat sources may cause them to ignite.

Indoor storage
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