Benefits of Ready to Burn Firewood

Benefits of Ready to Burn FirewoodBenefits of Ready to Burn Firewood

Whether you have an old or new appliance, you must use the right fuel – fuel which isn’t wet and is Ready to Burn. Woodsure advises burning properly sourced wood (hardwood timbers such as ash, birch and beech) and making sure it is 20% moisture content (or drier). If seasoning at home, a moisture content meter is an extremely helpful tool for estimating this.

To ensure satisfactory performance, it is important to use fuels that are of a suitable type and size. Good quality fuels are essential for safe and efficient combustion as poor quality fuels waste energy and ultimately can cost you more. All Ready to Burn accredited fuels have undergone certification in accordance with the relevant standard, providing you with confidence that the fuels being burnt are both safe and efficient for the type of appliance they have. Look out for the Ready to Burn logo when purchasing firewood.

Additional Information

More reasons to choose Ready to Burn are listed in our leaflet – click on the image below to view:

Benefits of Ready to Burn Firewood

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